Songs of the Civil War In The Classroom
Thank you to Steve Geisz of Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark! [Read More...]
Songs of the Civil War For Schools
American Trust and Savings Bank of Dubuque, IA will sponsor Songs of the Civil War programs in tri-state area schools for the ninth consecutive year in 2015! [Read More...]
Bob Welch Bringing Stories and Song About The Civil War To Audiences At The Lake
As a boy growing up on a farm outside Kansas City, Bob Welch found his avocation while plowing a vegetable patch. He unearthed an old tintype showing a Civil War era soldier, his musket held high under his chin so that the camera could capture it. The soldier’s expression was as somber as anyone might expect. After all, that soldier was posing for the portrait that could outlive him; he was gong off to war. In addition, smiles were rare during that era, in part because the subject had to hold steady for longer than we do today while the camera worked and because pride and vanity were thought to be sinful. Bob Welch also reminded me that people then had bad teeth and often hid them behind stern, sober expressions. [Read More...]
Songs of the Civil War To Come Alive...
Bob Welch's Civil War tune began in a vegetable garden, and he strums the North and the South.
[Read More...]
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