I thought the program was fantastic...
“Thanks, Bob. I thought the program was fantastic, and it was obvious the attendees really loved the music... [Read More...]
Songs of the Civil War In The Classroom
Thank you to Steve Geisz of Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark! [Read More...]
Songs of the Civil War For Schools
American Trust and Savings Bank of Dubuque, IA will sponsor Songs of the Civil War programs in tri-state area schools for the ninth consecutive year in 2015! [Read More...]
Bob Welch Bringing Stories and Song About The Civil War To Audiences At The Lake
As a boy growing up on a farm outside Kansas City, Bob Welch found his avocation while plowing a vegetable patch. He unearthed an old tintype showing a Civil War era soldier, his musket held high under his chin so that the camera could capture it. The soldier’s expression was as somber as anyone might expect. After all, that soldier was posing for the portrait that could outlive him; he was gong off to war. In addition, smiles were rare during that era, in part because the subject had to hold steady for longer than we do today while the camera worked and because pride and vanity were thought to be sinful. Bob Welch also reminded me that people then had bad teeth and often hid them behind stern, sober expressions. [Read More...]
A Happy Heart...
Thank you so much for presenting a wonderful program at our library. Several people told me how much they enjoyed the stories & music and I, myself, left after the program with a happy heart and humming a tune from your program. Thanks again.
--Sandy Barron-Guttenberg, IA Public Library June 2014
Songs of the Civil War To Come Alive...
Bob Welch's Civil War tune began in a vegetable garden, and he strums the North and the South.
[Read More...]
Excellent Program!
The Board Members of the Dubuque Arts Council are very appreciative to have had you as our Artist in Residence. From the evaluations and comments we have received from the schools, you have done an excellent job for us. The board members were thrilled by your performance and by the response of the teachers and students during your performance.

Thanks again for your excellent program.

(The Songs of the Civil War/Lincoln & Liberty Too)
Great Job!
“Mr. Welch did a great job presenting information about the Civil War through stories and songs. The students and staff gave him a great evaluation!” Susan Roegge-Special Education Department Chair Turner Jr. High Jacksonville, IL.

Thank You So Much
Thank you so much for your time spent with us in Des Moines. Your "Songs of the Civil War" program connected wonderfully with the performance of "The Civil War" that happened on our Civic Center stage. All of the teachers that participated in your program have sung your praises and were very pleased with the connections made. We will be sure to think of you the next time we have a show of this topic! Many thanks.
--Des Moines Performing Arts Education Dept. March 2014
Exceeded My Expectations!
Bob's program was a perfect blend of songs and interesting stories from the
Civil War period. His performance more than exceeded my expectations!
Everyone left with a smile on their face while praising the performance. The
community was abuzz for days about the event. We will definitely invite Bob
to perform next year!
--Oelwein, IA Public Library- Susan Machen-Director 2013
A Great Day!
Just wanted to send you line of great appreciation and thanks for making a good day into a great day for my residents on your performance. They loved you and your music and like I told your sponsor in a letter I wrote them, I saw a couple of my residents singing along with you and on an average day they dont speak very much at all. Bob you made their day yesterday and they are still talking about it today. You do have a very special gift and a huge heart and we hope we can see you again in the very near future. Many thanks to you.
--Michael Hunter-Executive Director Silvercrest of Anamosa Senior Living Anamosa, IA
Thank You!
“Thank YOU, Bob! You were certainly a great fit for our museum . Best to you, Linda.”
Linda Shuck-Events Specialist Living History Farms Urbandale, IA.
26 School Programs in 10 Days
As the Education Program Chairman of the Dubuque Arts Council I recently had the pleasure of observing performances by Bob Welch. Bob was hired by the Arts Council as an Artist in Residence for the Dubuque area schools. He performed 26 times during a two week period. The reactions of the student audiences and the written evaluations from teachers and administrators were all very positive. I also was privileged to watch Bob entertain and educate an adult audience. It too, was well received with glowing comments.
Bobs subject was Songs of the Civil War/Lincoln & Liberty Too. He kept the students engaged and interested using music, history, storytelling and humor. Bob Welch has a wealth of knowledge of the Civil War including the music that was composed and performed during that era. Bob uses instruments of the period, banjo and guitar, in his performances and gives the audience the history of these instruments. Bob has a story about each of the songs he performs and the stories and music alike are fun to listen to. In addition to the period music, instruments and history, Bob dresses in clothing that would have been worn during the Civil War era.
Since 2009 is the bicentennial of Abraham Lincolns birth, the addition of specific Lincoln stories and interesting information was a bonus for the student and adult audiences.
I am pleased to recommend Bob Welch for your event. I guarantee that his performance(s) will be both entertaining and educational.
--Dennis Williams-Education Program Chair-Dubuque Arts Council 2009 [Read More...]
Just Plain Fun!
...on Monday evening a gathering of area residents were treated to an unusual medley of musical selections from the Civil War era performed by Welch on a banjo and guitar interspersed with commentary on the history of that era. This was an outstanding program which kept the audience, of all ages, engaged. There was a story presented giving a brief history of every song. And it was just plain fun.
--Dan Miles-The Clinton Daily Democrat September 2009
“The reviews of your assemblies here at Roosevelt have been OUTSTANDING! The teachers thought it was great, and my eighth grade daughter, who never talks about anything school related, was talking about it that night at the supper table. She really enjoyed it!” Jeffrey J. Johll Assistant Principal/Activities Director Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School. Dubuque, IA.
Extremely Positive!
"Thank you very much for performing "Songs of the Civil War" at the library. All the feedback I received was extremely positive."
--August 2009 Bob Conklin- Reference Librarian Moline, IL Public Library
"Your performance here was excellent and I look forward to more in the future."
--Phil Funkenbusch-Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum Springfield, IL July 2009 [Read More...]
Spirit of the Civil War
“With these songs one can feel the “spirit of the Civil War” and an amazing connection Bob Welch has with the Civil War. If reincarnation is a fact, then Welch experienced all of the war, for his songs are filled with a reality of the times.” Ken Allers Jr. Co-author of “The History Buffs Guide to Gettysburg” and "The Fog of Gettysburg".
Songs of the Civil War In The Classroom
“Bob Welch’s “Songs of the Civil War” performance was a treat! Bob kept them engaged and kept the questions coming, helping our students to remain involved and to delve even deeper into our country’s history from a fresh perspective. I would recommend this program to any teacher looking to bring an enlightening and entertaining discussion to their classroom.” Kim Forbes Taft Alternative Middle School Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Great Program!
“Your program was most enjoyable. If history teachers could present like you, we would have more kids interested in history! Great program!” Cedar Rapids, IA. Public Library
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